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Work-related Cardiovascular Deaths

Why is it a priority?

According to Ministry of Health, each year there are about 5,905 cardiovascular-related deaths (e.g. heart attack). Amongst these deaths, there are some cases where the death is classified as work-related, for example the worker died at the workplace while carrying out some strenuous work that triggered the heart attack.  Based on the Work Injury Compensation records, the number of such work-related cardiovascular deaths have been increasing over the years (Figure 12).  

When a worker collapsed due to heart attack, depending on the type of work he is doing, it might result in a serious accident and could affect the safety and health of others.  Therefore, this is area that warrants further research.


Figure 12  

Figure 12: Admitted Fatal Medical Condition Claims, (Year 2013 - 2017)
Source: Work Injury Compensation Department, MOM


Research Needs

To reduce work-related cardiovascular deaths, we propose the following research areas:

  • Determine the type of work where the risk of a work-related cardiac event can result in serious WSH implications;
  • Determine the key risk factors for work-related cardiovascular deaths;
  • Determine challenges in preventing work-related cardiovascular deaths and solutions to overcome these challenges;
  • Identify possible job modifications for workers with compromised cardiac function;
  • Identify solutions to reduce risk factors for work-related cardiovascular deaths; and evaluate effectiveness of solutions.