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Observatory for WSH Landscape (OWL)

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A key function of the WSH Institute is to act as an Observatory for WSH Landscape (OWL) - to observe, analyse and communicate developments affecting WSH, and promote collaboration among researchers, policy makers and industries to advance WSH policies and practices in Singapore.

The OWL Framework

Depicted in Figure 1, the OWL framework is structured around 4 Ds – Data Collection, Data Analysis, Dissemination, and Dialogue.

OWL Framework

It involves gathering information through scanning WSH publications and journals, past incidents and data, conducting surveys and conversing with relevant industry and subject matter experts from the local and international arena. These are then analysed in the context of changes in driving forces, such as technology and demographics within the work environment to provide an evidence-based assessment of new and emerging issues that may affect WSH outlook in Singapore.


Key issues, insights and findings are communicated through our bi-monthly OWLinks e-newsletter, publications in local and international journals and the Institute's website. Additionally, these findings are also shared through the relevant forums, conferences and seminars.


Produced by the WSH Institute, OWLinks is a bi-monthly e-Newsletter that serves to inform readers of the WSH developments and trends. To subscribe to the e-Newsletter, please click here.

Other publications include: