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WSH Institute Solutioning Session on Work-related Traffic Accidents (WRTA) involving Motorcyclists

WSH Institute conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with vocational riders and their supervisors on 19 February 2016, at the e2i Building. The aim was to find out the causes to WRTA among riders and explore ideas that can help to reduce the risks of such accidents.


Deputy Director (WSH Institute) welcoming the participants


21 vocational riders and 16 supervisors from 14 organisations attended the session. 4 internal staff also participated to give their views as general motorcyclists.

Tailored to the profiles of the participants, they were grouped into vocational riders, supervisors and general riders. 10 trained facilitators and note takers from WSH Institute moderated the respective sessions.


FGD session with vocational riders


Qualitative research methods were used to draw out the participants’ perspectives on causes of WRTA. Causes were then ranked within the group and the top 2 causes were used for subsequent discussion on solutions.

Click here to download the report.

We would like to thank all those involved for supporting the session.