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Major Hazard Installations Symposium was held at JTC Summit Theatrette, Level 2 on 20 October 2016


Major Hazards Department (MHD), in conjunction with the Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSH Institute) and A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES),  organised the Major Hazard Installations (MHI) Symposium. The Symposium was held on 20 Oct 2016 at the JTC Summit Theatrette to update MHIs on the impending Safety Case regime. More than 200 participants, comprising company leaders and senior management, from over 80 MHIs attended the Symposium.

Minister of State (MOS) Mr Sam Tan graced the event with an opening address. He announced September 2017 as the operation date of the WSH (Major Hazard Installations) Regulations. MOS Tan stressed the importance to build industry capabilities as the ownership of Safety Case resided with MHIs. It is important to advance process safety research to support the Safety Case regime. 

Mr Go Heng Huat, Director (Specialist & Major Hazards) gave an overview of Safety Case journey and regime while Mr Stephen Fowler, General Manager for Shell Jurong Island, provided the Symposium participants with the industry's perspective in embracing the Safety Case regime.

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The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WSH Institute and ICES, took place during the Symposium. The MOU signing was witnessed by Mr Kok Ping Soon, Deputy Secretary (Development) and Mr Suresh Sachi, A*STAR’s Deputy Managing Director in the presence of MOS Mr Sam Tan. This collaboration between WSH Institute and ICES aims to advance WSH research and capability building in chemical and process safety as well as enhance support to stakeholders in the implementation of the Safety Case regime.

The Symposium included presentations by the MHD officers on the MHI registration process as well as the technical aspects of the Safety Case Assessment Guide which included predictive aspects, process safety, mechanical integrity, emergency response planning and ALARP demonstration. Acting Deputy Director (Major Hazards Department) Ms Jaime Lim rounded up the Symposium by highlighting the upcoming compliance assistance from MHD and the key takeaways for MHI to appoint Safety Case lead, assess their baseline capability and information and commence on their Safety Case preparation without delay.

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The Symposium was well-received and formed part of the continuous engagement and close partnership that MHD has with the industry to ensure the smooth implementation of the Safety Case regime.

Programme details of the event can be viewed here.

Click here for the Safety Case Regime for MHIs slides from Mr Go Heng Huat
Click here for the The Science of Safety Case slides from Dr Shaik Salim
Click here for the Guide to the WSH (MHI) Regulations slides from Mr Lim Eng Wee
Click here for the An Introduction to the Safety case Joint Work Group (SC JWG) slides from Mr Amit Bhatnagar
Click here for the Safety Case Assessment Guide - Predictive Aspects slides from Mr Chen Fu Yi
Click here for the Safety Case Assessment Guide - Process Safety slides from Mr Randy Cha
Click here for the Safety Case Assessment Guide - Mechanical Aspects slides from Mr Soh Zi Quan
Click here for the Safety Case Assessment Guide - Emergency Response Planning slides from Cpt Teo Soon Chye
Click here for the ALARP Demonstration & Closing remarks slides from Ms Jaime Lim
[New] A report on the symposium proceedings is now available. Click here to download.

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