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WSH Institute Visiting Expert Series: Global Burden of Disease Estimation in the World of Work


As part of our mission to enhance Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) through knowledge, innovations and solutions, the WSH institute organised the inaugural Visiting Expert Series on 16 October 2014. More than 165 participants took part in this forum held in the Health Promotion Board.

Dr. Gan Siok Lin, Executive Director of the WSH Institute, opened the session and emphasized that a better understanding and deepening of our capability in the estimation of disease burden was needed so as to generate new insights to advance workplace safety and health. This is followed by a presentation from Prof. Tim Driscoll, visiting expert to the WSH Institute. Prof. Driscoll is with the School of Public Health, University of Sydney and currently leads the expert working group on occupational risk factors in the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study. Prof. Driscoll gave the participants an insightful sharing on World Health Organization (WHO)’s computational methodology with regard to GBD.



Dr. Jukka Takala, Senior Consultant to the WSH Institute, then shared the approach used by the International Labour Organization in the determination of GBD. The session ended with a lively discussion with the participants, touching on the two approaches to determine GBD and the implications to health and labour policies.

Click here for a copy of Prof. Driscoll’s presentation.

Click on the links below for Dr. Takala’s presentation.
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