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WSH Institute Solutioning Session: Measuring Safety and Productivity using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The WSH Institute, in collaboration with the Department of Building, National University of Singapore (NUS), organized the WSH Institute Solutioning Session – Measuring Safety and Productivity using Building Information Modelling (BIM) on 11 June 2014. The session provided a platform for participants to discuss the link between safety and productivity and the potential of BIM to facilitate the attainment of safety and productivity improvements. Representatives from government organizations, construction companies, BIM software companies, professional organizations, architects and developers were among the 30 participants invited.

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The session began with an opening address by Dr Gan Siok Lin, Executive Director (WSH Institute), who informed participants about Institute's current work to enhance the value of BIM. Dr Tan Kee Wee from the Building Construction Authority presented the Singapore BIM Roadmap, and A/Prof Evelyn Teo from NUS spoke about the potential use of BIM in improving Safety and Productivity.

During the group discussions, participants discussed initiatives that could be used to improve both safety and productivity, as well as the use of BIM as an enabling tool to facilitate such improvements.

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WSH Institute and NUS would like to thank all participants, facilitators and note-takers for their active participation and constructive comments.

Click here to download the report.