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The WSH Institute was first mooted as part of the WSH 2018 strategy to put Singapore's WSH performance on par with leading countries in this area. Envisioned as a key initiative to build strong WSH capabilities in Singapore, the Institute's work will help deepen stakeholders' understanding of how current and emerging work environments, work processes and worker behaviour shape WSH, and use such knowledge to develop solutions and improve WSH practices. This is similar to what have been established in leading countries in WSH in their national drives to improve worker safety and health. Drawing from the experiences of these countries, the Ministry of Manpower has worked WSH Council to set up the WSH Institute in Singapore.

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"As part of our endeavour to establish Singapore as a Centre of Excellence for WSH, we will develop an Institute dedicated to WSH that will provide world-class education, knowledge, solutions and consultancy services, and conduct applied research. The Institute will tap on the expertise of other local organisations and international WSH institutions to achieve its objectives. The Institute can also explore establishing a link with global risk observatories and share research findings on new and emerging WSH hazards unique to Asia."

- Workplace Safety and Health Strategy 2018


A leading institute for WSH knowledge and innovations

The vision represents the aspirations of the WSH Institute to be a leader in the area of WSH knowledge and innovations:

  • Knowledge - refers to those generated and disseminated through research, professional development and consultancy initiatives which the Institute will create;

  • Innovations - emphasizes the practice-based and solutions-oriented focus of the Institute


Enhancing WSH through knowledge, innovations and solutions.

The mission statement captures the WSH Institute's reason for being and how it supports the national WSH strategy to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for everyone in Singapore.

"The emergence of new technologies will bring about changes to both the workplace and work processes. Our capability building efforts must keep pace with these changes to ensure that the workforce is prepared to meet the challenges that such shifts may present. The creation of institutes focussed on the pursuit of WSH excellence in various areas such as training, research and development and the provision of WSH services will be an important aspect of such efforts. Such institutes will bring together different stakeholders and segments of the WSH ecosystem ranging from industry leaders to WSH professionals to academics, to exchange ideas and expertise on WSH matters. For instance, these institutes could provide consultancy and research services to industry, developing tailored programmes and tools to address the WSH challenges that companies may be facing. WSH practitioners could upgrade their skills at these institutes through specialised WSH programmes, or broaden their exposure by working with researchers to translate their experience into new tools and processes. They may also be engaged as trainers to share their experience on the ground".

- Building WSH Competencies in Singapore, May 2009

WSH Institute Logo

The logo mark in WSH Institute's visual identity is a stylised triangle with three-dimensional sides, which is symbolic of the mission of the Institute to enhance workplace safety and health (WSH) through knowledge, innovations and solutions. With its inclined position, the triangle shows an Institute committed to progression as it strives for WSH thought and practice leadership, and its solid base reflects the strong support that the Institute lends to the national WSH strategy to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for all. To further reinforce the mission and vision of the Institute, the logo is designed as an infinite triangle alluding to the Institute's commitment and endless quest to lead, share, and contribute to a safer and healthier Singapore for all workers.

Overall, the logo captures the synergistic efforts of all departments within the Institute focused on three areas – investing in research for innovative WSH solutions, developing WSH leaders, and becoming a knowledge hub capable of anticipating new and emerging WSH issues for stakeholders to improve their WSH practices and standards. The colour green denotes new beginnings and growth of this new organisation and blue signifies the Institute's steadfast commitment to becoming a global leader in safety and health standards.